Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 10 Days of Christmas Travel

On the ninth day of Christmas Travel we played snow. Stinky was all bundled up and not so sure about the clothes, but once we got outside she had a blast. She stood by herself for the first time and long enough for my husband to go to the car, get his camera, and take a picture. It may have been due to the boots and everything making her stiff, but we will take it. So Saturday December 27th Stinky stood for the first time. She really enjoyed sledding. We would put her on a round sled laying down, I would let go and my husband would pick her up at the bottom of the hill. She was all smiles and wanted to do it again. It was so exciting to watch her have fun in the snow. After so much excitement she slept really well that night which gave us some fun at the casinos. Maybe too much fun because we didn't go to bed till 3:00. Unfortunately no matter what time we go to bed Stinky still gets up at 7:00 so were a bit exhausted the next day. HeeHaw HeeHaw I won $50 on the penny machine!

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