Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So Interested, but Only When I am Ready

We have had the Christmas tree up now for three weeks. Other than the occasional bell down (only like 2 times has she pulled it down) Stinky has not been interested much in the tree. I put up an ornament that she received at her last playdate. This ornament has a picture of Stinky in it. I put is down low enough so she could see it because I wanted to show her how she is apart of the tree. Immediately she crawled over to the tree as she saw me hang it up. She looked at it and it was a must have immediately. First she reached up a couple of times just to touch it, then she turned it and looked at the picture. She smiled and laughed a little. She continued to turn it and just by accident it fell off. This gave her great joy that she was able to pull it off. For the next few hours we played a game (a game only to her, to me maybe a little annoyance). She would pull it off, I would tell her it needs to stay on the tree, I would hang it up and soon after she would pull it off again. By lunch time the ornament with her pretty little face on it was moved toward the middle of the tree. Maybe hands on sometimes isn't a good idea. Now she can see it, but not reach it and believe me she tried.

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