Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's the reason for slow blogging!

So here is the reason for my slow blogging. Stinky is going to be a big sister. Along with that came 3 months of morning sickness that lasted all day everyday. All efforts during this time was keeping up with Stinky. Poor DH, poor house and there was chaos everywhere. Stinky learned what fast food was and forgot what it was like to eat fruit and veggies. She also grew in her imitation skills. Everytime I was getting close with the toilet she would run into the bathroom and watch. When I was done she would bend over the toilet and make throw up sounds. As sad as it was it did make me laugh a little at a miserable moment. At my first doctor's appointment I was given a magic pill. It has held me over with very little trips to the toilet and I am not 3 days off the pill. It is a good think that somehow the brain erases all the unpleasentries of being pregnant otherwise people would go for a second child.

The first 3 months is over and we are all starting to get excited. When you ask Stinky where the baby is she points to my belly. During our vacation she sang "Night, night, Baby" and rubbed my belly. We are not sure how much she understands as she pats Daddy's belly and says "Baby" too. We are looking forward to Stinky's first introduction to her newest family member.