Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coloring Just Keeps Getting More Fun

Coloring just keeps get more fun as Stinky begins to choose colors, color on the paper and to color with intent.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mt Hermon Vacation and All the Things You Can Do At Camp

Along with an adult pool they have a kiddie pool just the right size for Stinky. She loves to swim.

Boating was a blast. At first she wasn't so sure of it, but pretty soon she wanted to touch the water, paddle the boat and her favorite thing of all was sinning "Row row row your boat".

There is something to be said about reliving childhood memories with your own child. I grew up going to this camp and feel as though it is my second home. When I was old enough I worked 3 summers at camp. There was a transition for me as I slowly crept into adult hood where the magic of camp had disappeared and the realization that I was now looking at things with adult eyes. Though camp had lost a little magic I still have enjoyed going back just to remember what good times where had. Then another change happened, I had a child. This year my magic was regained as I watched my daughter begin to make her own memories. But these memories she is making, the enjoyment she is having, and the activities she is doing bring not only excitement for her but excitement for what I once had as a child. The smells, the sites and the emotion. It is almost more fun watching her experience it all. I only hope that this place can be as special to her as it is to me.

It's Amazing How Much They Want to Be Like You At This Age

We recently received as a gift American Idol 2 singing game for our Wii. I have to admit with help from some friends (Little Chu's parents) we have been enjoying a little singing. Ok maybe a lot of sinning. I think we logged almost 40 hours in the first 10 days. Most of the time we put the girls to sleep and then break out the mic. So with that said I am not sure how Stinky had time to see us singing. But she must have because one day she pulled the mic down off the shelf and began going "lalalalala" into the mic and dancing.

It amazes me how much they pick up from our modeling behavior. It's time to start watching what we say and do because our little sponge is watching every word and action.