Saturday, December 13, 2008

If You Really Think About It Santa Can Be Kind of Creepy

From a child's perspective I can see why many pictures of children sitting with Santa turn out with crying, screaming, or not so sure expressions. As soon as a child hits their first Christmas they are sat on this mans lap. A man with a long fury white beard, a bright red outfit (that really isn't far from the stereotyped pimp outfit), and a hat. This is a man that looks like no other man the child has seen before. For how ever many months and years your child has been alive you have sheltered them from strangers, told them not to talk to them, securely held your child tight in awkward situations, but now you push your child on some mans lap and say smile. A child sees this man everywhere, is he following me why is he in so many places that I am in. And he is everywhere for only a brief time, then this weird man disappears not to be seen again for about 300 days. Long enough for most young children to forget all about him, until it's Holiday season once again.

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