Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Party favor's for Sinky's 1 year old Birthday

I am very excited about the party favors I made for Stinky's birthday. There will be 12 babies about 1 year old at her party on Saturday. Not wanting to spend a lot of money I gave myself a budget of $20 for all the favors. My husband brought home bags that his work gets products in and then just throws away. I printed off pictures of cows that go with her cow theme. (I love cows) Using my sticker machine I stuck them onto the bags. I took clothes pins I found at the Dollar store, 20 for a $1 and made musical bells. I liked the clothes pins because they are easy for small hands to hold. I used a 40% coupon to Micheals to buy the bells. We put the bells on eyehooks and screwed them in. I took scraps of material from old sewing projects and made bean bags. I found these flowers 12 for $1 at the Dollar store and printed off fun finger puppet songs I found on the Internet. I am excited about handing these out because they are useful items that the babies can enjoy, they were environmentally friendly as I recycled a lot of things, and developmentally appropriate. I hope they all enjoy them.


La Mom said...

Sounds great and economical + baby friendly indeed.
Have a nice party Sunday!

cheng said...

That's really good for $20, good on you!

NoNo said...

I loved the party favor's! Luke loves them even more!