Friday, June 26, 2009

A Little Time With Papa

My DH came home from work early today and coincidentally Stinky blew through her afternoon nap. Did I get lucky or did I get lucky? Taking this great opprotunity to bring the two of them together and give me a little time to finish up some projects, I set them out to finish a Father's Day activity I had begun. I had intended for Stinky to help me finish this project as a surprise Father's Day gift but in the middle of the project I broke my thumb. Ouch! This resulted in a stop of all things that take the use of a thumb which is just about everything. So with quick thinking we gave Daddy a "to do" Father's Day gift. But any excuse to spend time with Stinky is worth far more to my DH than any materialistic item.

It caught me off gaurd a little when my DH started panicking when Stinky immediatley tried to eat the glue, taste the materials and explore them in everyway other than put them on the ceramic stepping stone frog. It made me realize that it isn't often that he sits down with her to work on a project that isn't open ended. With a little guiding the two of them were able to finish the project and enjoy some bonding time along the way.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cooking With Mommy

Often times Stinky gets really hungry which equals cranky while I am making dinner. Lately if I am not cooking anything on the stove I will let her sit on the other side of me while I cute and prepare dinner. She has really enjoyed this time. We will talk about the foods that I am preparing and I will often let her taste the fresh fruits and veggies before they are cooked.

She liked this special treat. I gave her the mixing bowl and spoon after I made a cake. I am excited to begin introducing her to baking and cooking. Soon I will begin letting her stir and then we will move onto other cooking projects. For now it is just observing and tasting. Sounds like a good deal to me. Where do I sign up?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Water Play

I took Stinky's sensory tub and put it on a small tables to where she could reach it. This is the first time I have put water in and set it up off the ground. At first all she wanted to do was climb into it like she had down many times when it was on the floor. I wanted her to experience the water tub as a sensory table instead of a pool. I put a few bottles, boats and blocks in it. Once she realized that the purpose of this activity was not to play in it like a bath tub she began exploring the items in the tub.

I used a small pouring pitcher that was retrieve from a laundry box before being thrown out and I showed her how to use it. I scooped up water and then poured it on her hand. I then picked up a small strainer and poured the water through it. When new tools are introduced to children they need to be taught how to use them. Once they have a basic idea then it is time for them to explore and be creative. When adults are given new tools we want to learn how to use the. For example painting we take classes to learn techniques so we can paint, or mechanical classes so we can learn how to use tools when fixing a car. I want to treat Stinky with the same respect and teach her how to use the tools I introduce to her.

She was really interested in the strainer. At one point she put it on her head when it didn't fit she returned it to the water. She was also very interested in using the small pouring device. She wanted me to hold a small bottle as she attempted to pour water through the hole. Then she would grab the bottle and squirt out all the water. This was a great activity to teach hand-eye coordination. (Trying to get the water into the small hole) And to teach measurement/volume. (How much water did she pour through the hole equals the amount of water she could squeeze out.)

Surprisingly she wasn't into the blocks and the boats during this activity. I will have to reintroduce this another time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Building a Lasting Relationship with Simon and Lucy

Stinky loves the dogs. She has signs we taught her using American Sign Language for both of the dogs. Every day the first thing she does when she wakes up is sign's the dogs names.

We rarely let her watch TV in fact have made a big effort to make sure she doesn't watch TV. Every once in awhile she will get 15 minutes of KQED cartoons. This was one of those times and she took full advantage of the cuddle time with Simon. She put her head on him with one arm around his neck petting him and relaxing. Before she was born we were so worried about how the dogs might react to this new being that took attention away from them. They have done so well and become very protective of their little person/sister. They love her and let her love on them even when the love shines through in many different colors. It is hard think of what her life would be like with out Simon and Lucy. She has such a love for animals and is so interested in the sounds they make, what they look like and their names. Perhaps this wouldn't have been the case if she didn't have dogs. She loves her doggies.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We took Stinky camping for the first time. Not sure if our daughter is destined for the city life or if she was feeling sick (she came down with some weird virus/bacteria the day after) but she was not into the wilderness. Her best friend Chu however loved it. Every time Stinky would fall down she would sit there with her hands in the air crying for some one to please pick up off the floor. She didn't want to get her hands dirty at all.

The girls enjoyed a nice creek walk down the little river and enjoyed playing in the sand. I think her favorite part however was the red vines and smores she received in abundance. Camping isn't fun without some good junk food.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stinky's Art Sudio

This art shelf has a fountain on it to create a calming and inspiring space. Items on the shelf are there to assist Stinky in her exploration of art through different mediums.

Stinky's new painting easel is located on the door to our storage right next to the shelf seen below.
I have been so excited to create a place where Stinky can freely do art. In each one of the containers are different items I have been collecting that can be used for art. They consist of bottle caps, wine corks, rubber bands, toilet paper rolls, rocks and other items. I hope to add and swap out items as she loses interest or gains an interest in something new. I would like to keep a good balance of recyclables, nature and fabricated products. I wanted the box's to be at her height so she can put them away and take them out as well as see what is inside of each box.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Stinky was in her new art area and pulled the noodles of the shelf. To encourage her interest I pulled out a plastic muffin tin and set both on the table. Immediately she began placing noodles into the holes. When she placed two blue noodles into one hole I pointed it out to her and showed that she matched two blue together. I am pretty sure she didn't do it on purpose but at least she has been introduced to the concept of matching. Both sorting, hand eye coordination, and matching are all pre-math skills. These skills set up the foundation for learning and it's never too early to start exploring these concepts.

When she was done with the activity I prompted her to put the container back on her shelf. She was so proud that she had completed the task that she repeated it over and over.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Even Amazed Myself

I found this great pattern on Two Peas In A Pod and decided this would be a great gift for my mom for mother's day. My mom's kitchen is red so I found some different red patterns and this is how they came out. I made a total of eight with a black backing. She could even flip them over if she wanted a different look. I hope you enjoyed them mom.

Easel Painting

I have been waiting for the day Stinky could walk to buy an easel so she could begin easel painting. Now that she has a good grip on walking and standing I was able to set up her art studio. I was a little worried that she wouldn't understand the order in which she dips the brush into the paint pot, paints on the paper, and then dips the brush into the pot again repeating the process over. I have to say she impressed me. After I put the apron on her she grabbed for the brush and immediately began painting, when there wasn't much paint left she dipped again. Not bad for a 17 month old. I had to remind her a few times to keep the paint on the paper, but other than that she did very well in regards to the process.

She was so proud of herself. She had a slight smile and would continuously turn towards us to show off what she had accomplished. At one point she did get paint on her hand and she was very concerned. She wanted me to wipe it off immediately but after a few more paints on the hand she got over it. At the end of painting I wiped her hands off before she began a new activity.

We started off with one color and will continue with one color at a time for awhile. My desire is that she masters the process of painting and all that it entails before experimenting with multiple colors.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Painting is Fun But It's Even More Fun With Friends

Stinky has really begun to enjoy finger painting/body art. She decided to share it with her best friend Chu and let Chu experience it for the first time as well. Chu and Stinky had a blast. It started off on the paper as always and eventually ended up on the body. When Stinky first touched finger paint she wasn't so sure about it, but Chu got into it right away. She rubbed her fingers in it and the slapped the paper making hand prints. The girls giggled with glee and their smiles told us they were having a blast. After fun was had by all it was off to the bath tub for some bath time water play together. To experience by oneself is fun, but to enjoy with good friends just enhances the experience. Go Girls!

What is it that makes one realize their baby is turning into a little girl?

There have been little hints here and there on a daily basis. Walking more than crawling, new words enabling better communication, wanting to wash her own hair, scooping food from bowl to mouth without any help and the list goes on. But I have chosen to ignore all of them. But this I could not ignore. When Stinky ran to me so proud looking for a reaction. I looked at my baby and saw a little girl. With tears in my eyes I told how pretty she looked, and she did look so cute. But I saw such a grown up face. With those pig tales in her hair I say a little girl. Every day the baby like features slowly decrease and mannerisms turn more into those you see of a child not a baby. I know this is the beginning of many more conflicting moments. Where being a proud mom of the accomplishments she has made brings a hint of sadness of the times left behind, where that tear that I am trying so hard not to let drop is filled with so many emotions mixed between past, present and future. My little girl is growing so fast.