Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Fun Evolves

As a child you spend a lot of time waiting and anticipating your next holiday. As your parents build traditions you learn to expect them, with excitement each year. Then something happens, you grow up. Through your teen years and college years the excitement fades a little. Every holiday nostalgic feelings come back, but that pit in the depths of your stomach the night before Christmas just isn't there anymore. What happened, why after so many years of such feelings do they fade? Then something happens, you get married and have children of your own. The traditions that you bestow on your excited children bring back all those feelings you once had as a child. Suddenly you can't wait for the next holiday once again. This time it is different this time it is the look on your child's face as they experience what once was for you through their young eyes. It is an amazing thing to watch your child enjoy so much the very thing that you enjoyed in what seems to be centuries ago.

Wordless Wensday

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Greatest Part of Being Married

My husband and I don't usually watch too much TV but this season there are a few shows we have come to enjoy. But I realized something this week. It isn't the shows that we enjoy but the media in which is gives us a chance to laugh together. I was out of town last week and made time to tune in. I was looking forward to the euphoria and good feelings that the show leaves me on Monday nights. I walked away thinking well that wasn't a very good episode. But this week after tuning in with my husband by my side those feelings were back. I realized that it wasn't the show it was the enjoyment of sitting with my husband and laughing together. The greatest part of being married is those opportunities that you get to spend one on one time together and just laugh. Life can't get much better.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Splash Splash

Stinky has recently been interested in the dog bowl of water. Numerous times a day she makes her way over to the dog bowl and attempts to splash in it. Somewhere along the way she is interrupted by a stern and redirected to a new activity. As a result of her interest in water I created a water activity so she can further explore this interest. I set up the tub of water with colored boats and sat her a few feet away. I wanted this exploration to be a choice she made futhering her ability to think on her own and gain more independance. At first she sat awhile watching the tub. With in a few minutes she made her wat toward the tub. Her first action was to touch the boat, then she gently tapped the water making slight sounds. She tested to see if she could pick up the water by cupping it in her fist. Taking a moment to thing she leand back before deciding on her next move. She decided her course of action would be to focus on the boats. This is her first time being introduced to the boats and she wanted to figure out what they were all about. She tasted the, picked more then one up at a time, banged them together and she measure their weight against each other. As she began to lose interest I introduced a new perspective and the splashing was fun all over again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Been Awhile and What's Up With the Dog Bowl

I was out of town and did not have time to blog, but I am back and stinky has found the dog bowl again. I have for the most part created an environment that is child friendly. It gives her room to explore and create with very little "no's" from mommy. However there are two no's no's I have chosen to keep. Partly to help teach her that there are things that she just can't have. Ofcourse that dog water bowl and the one tree with dirt in the pot are the most attractive items in my house. And how many times with a quickness has she sprinted toward the prize, just to get one splash in or one mouth full of dirt. With patience I continue to redirect her and tell her she can not play in the water or the dirt is yucky. (But does the dirt really taste yucky, maybe she knows something we don't) It is good to be a mom and practice patience. Maybe it will transfer when driving with incompitent drivers.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Little Bit Sad

We had taken in a little dog and I fell in love with her. My husband told me not to because we already had two dogs and we could not keep her, but I couldn't help it. She was so cute, cuddly and well behaved. Just like she came, she left us yesterday. I guess she slipped out the door as I was taking out some recycling. That motherly instinct, that need to take of another and the feelings that attach you do not just pertain to children, it can spring up to action at anytime you feel someone or something needs some TLC. I hope little Daisy finds a good home and that she isn't still wondering the streets. I can't help but miss her.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What is it about a box?

With all the toys in the world a box can give a child so much pleasure. A box doesn't change, our grandmother played in one, our mother played in one, we played in one and now our children will enjoy the box. It is full of experiences and full of never ending play. It is a world of fun evolving into many different things as a child gets older. For now it is something to get into, tomorrow a car and the next day a house. It can be painted, cut and glued. It is ever evolving. Such a simple item that delivers packages and to adults, something to be thrown in away. To the child it is a world full of fun and fantasy. Next time you look at a box, remember how you used it. Remember the childhood fun you had in what is now "just a box."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

One of the hardest parts of being a mom

I had to have a minor surgery on my toes last week and I was told to stay off my feet. Stay off my feet with a crawling 9 month old. Is that possible? My wonderful husband did stay home for 3 days last week, but since then I have had to be mom, which I love. Yesterday I went to the doctor and he said I had an infection, partly from bumping my toes into things. So guess what now I have a longer healing time. Oxymoron, you need to stay off you feet to heal faster, but you need to heal faster because you HAVE TO be on your feet. Picked up my Vicodin and off to be a mom again, just with less pain.