Monday, December 1, 2008

Did you fall out of your Crib?

This morning I put my daughter down for her usual morning nap and she cried (as she usually does). It was a little more than usual but not too much. After a few moments of screaming, I herd a tapping noise. I had the dryer on and thought that the dryer was making the noise. When the dryer stopped and the tapping continued (at this point the crying at stopped and there was just whining) I went to investigate. As I got closer I realized that the tapping was coming from my daughters room. I attempted to open the door, but I could not get it open. I peaked through the crack I was able to open and there my daughter was sitting in front of the door. How did she get from the crib to the door? I pushed open the door and picked her up. She was holding her blankie. Did she drop the blankie and go head first tumbling out of the cirb to get it? Did she decide it was time for the great escape and blankie goes with? The mystery remains. Thank goodness she is ok but a little scared for the next time she preforms her greatest escape. I consoled her and then put her back into her crib. She smiled and off she dosed to dream up more tricks to scare mommy.

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La Mom said...

Thank goodness your radar was on and had the sense to check on her. Glad your little one didn't get hurt!