Monday, January 5, 2009

The 10 Days of Christmas Travel

On the tenth day of Christmas travel we played snow once more. I was glad this was our last day because I was soooooooooo tired. My husband and I had spent the past few nights up way too late and after a good night sleep Stinky woke up every morning ready to go. I couldn't imagine living in the snow and having to bundle her up so much every time we went outside. This day was a bit colder due to the wind and the reflection of the sun sort of hurt her eyes. After a full day of fun in the snow we headed to a buffet. Yummy! Although I didn't eat as much as all the other Lim's it was still fun to have food choices. The next day we drove home and I had a week and half's worth of laundry waiting for me. Good Bye Vacation! It was so sad to see you go.


Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while blog hopping. This is the sweetest shot... the sunglasses are classic!

Life with Vander said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. Bella is adorable always, but she is extra cute in the shades.