Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Joys of Christmas

The greatest part of Christmas is not receiving gifts, and maybe not even giving the gifts, but more the experiences that come along with the season. I love to wrap gifts, make gifts, make cookies, decorate that Gingerbread house, look at lights and all the other great activities that families make time for during the season. The most important thing is remembering to enjoy them and planning enough in advance so that it doesn't become a stressful experience. My wonderful husband and I had fun last night decorating cookies, as messy as it was. So thankful to have a husband that will spend time doing such things. To get up in the morning and see all the cookies so beautiful in their abundance. Ready to be packaged up and given to those we care about, sure gets us in the Holiday spirit.

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cheng said...

what's the chunky chilli looking thing at the back?