Friday, February 19, 2010


This is an old post that I apparently never finished. We decided to give soccer a try a few months ago. She was so excited to put her cut little outfit on and practice. Once at soccer we learned our little Stinky was more of the dancing/gymnastic type. At least at this stage in her development. She loved dressing her soccer ball up turning the orange cones into hats and putting the little colored vests onto the flag. Daddy was a little sad as his dreams of a star soccer girl were squashed. At least for now. We will try again in a few years. Childrens interests are every evolving. For now dance here we come.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christmas Day: Did Somone Say Presents?

Stinky stood in amazement at all the gifts that over loaded the tree and came out into the living room. Wow does my family do Christmas!
For Christmas Mommy and Daddy gave Stinky a baby doll and a sling to carry her in. As our due date approaches I wanted to equip her with her own gear that she will see me using with the new baby. She loved it and hasn't stopped carrying "baby" as we call her around.
We planned on transitioning her to a big girl bed after we got home from our vacation. Momo and Grandpa gave her a special sleeping bag to sleep in when we travel as an alternative to the pak n play.
And off to Christmas dinner we go. We have recently developed a Christmas tradition of going out to a fancy dinner. We realized as we got older that my mom spent most of her time in the kitchen on Christmas so we wanted to alleviate that, so she could enjoy the day as well. Stinky looked adorable in her Christmas dress and of course new baby came too. My DH and I however learned very quickly that things will have to change next year. It is difficult to keep a tired child who has experienced great excitement all day quite in a nice restaurant. As Christmas relocates to our house next year I think we will begin cooking dinner. Our enjoyment was tainted a bit due to the anxiety of making sure we did not disrupt everybody else in the restaurants dinner.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fifth Stop: Reno, Snow Snow Snow!

Our next and final stop was Reno. It is a tradition my DH's family is very excited about. Stinky loved the snow for the second year in a row. She loved sledding with daddy, throwing clumps of snow and this year she could move a little more than last year. I was too pregnant to join in the sledding fun and it was hard to watch on the side lines.

One of her favorite experiences was Circus Circus. She caught on really fast that she played a game and in return she was handed an animal. For the most part we let her play the games and sometimes she didn't win. Some of the games were a sure win. She really enjoyed fishing were she won a turtle every time she fished. She had so many turtles that I thought it would be good to trade them in for a bigger cuter whale. She was really frustrated at me for doing that. So we had to play two more times because she wanted a turtle and she wanted to take one home for her BFF Chu. She also really enjoyed pounding on a button, with Daddies help, and winning dogs. Some games she surprised us and won animals all on her own. Once she won my DH wanted to try and he walked away with nothing. Talent or luck not sure, but Stinky really enjoyed this part of the vacation.

The best part was spending time with her cousins. She is the youngest and she gets babied by some of them. There are six of them all under the age of 5 which is fun for them all. She really looks up to MM, she is 3 and loves Stinky.

It was sad to see our trip end, but exciting to sleep in my own bed. It took about the same amount of time to get back to normalcy as we had been gone, but looking back now it was great fun. Until Next Year ...........

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fourth Stop: Momo and Grandpa's

Christmas in my family is packed full of tradition. On Christmas eve we always eat dinner by candle light. Sometimes it's chili and others it's clam chowder and even others its corn chowder. A tradition I started was letting Stinky open one present and it is pajamas for her to wear. I plan on continuing this tradition with all my children. The pajamas will be matching until they can't stand it anymore. After she opened her present she sat on Grandpa's lap for two Christmas stories. The fist story is always The Night Before Christmas and the second is the real Christmas story. The reason we all celebrate Christmas; the birth of Christ. Her excitement was mounting as she new tomorrow was going to be an exciting day. After her bath she slipped into her new pajamas and off to bed she went, looking so forward to what was in store the next day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Third Stop: Still in the LA Area but This Time On My Dad's Side

I wasn't able to get any pictures of our time spent with the other side of my family. My DH and most of my family had to leave early heading home for jobs and such. It was just my dad, Stinky and myself. My dad has a huge family and amongst the chaos, present opening and I believe there was a huge nerf gun fight I just wasn't able to take any pictures.

Stinky enjoyed the gifts she received, but I think her favorite part of the day was aiding my dad in the nerf fight. She loved collecting all the little bullets for him and then helping shoot them at people. Unfortunately this was the third party of a weekend the included a lot of long hours in the car, late nights, lots of sweets and excitement. All these added together equals a very tired and overstimulated two year. After many melt downs it was time for us to retreat back to the hotel room for some down time. It's nice to cuddle up with Stinky when she is really tired. I take all the love I can get.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second Stop: Rancho Cucamonga or LA Area

She never does this; lucky Auntie.

Again Hot, Hot, Hot! That didn't stop Stinky in her round two of present opening nor Daddy in his weight gaining progress. With plenty of food and lots of presents we spent time at the other great aunts house on my mother's side. Stinky received her first doll and couldn't be more ready to take care of her new baby.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Stop: San Clemente

The beginnings of the toycapade through California; who said said Christmas is only one day.

Stinky with her cousin and great grandpa.

Four Generations of Girls

Our first stop on our trek across California was San Clemente, where Stinky's Great Grandpa lives. Coming from weather that was barely hitting 50 degrees we stepped right into summer. Over looking in the ocean we were at about 75 degrees and sunny. It was a nice change, but our main reason for being here was our time spent with the family. This was a special year for us in San Clemente because Stinky's great aunt had just had brain surgery and in less then 3 days was out of the hospital. She was recovering at Great Grandpa's house so we were all so thankful to spend time with her.

Stinky begun the festivities with her first round of opening presents along with Daddy's first round of gaining those extra pounds.

A Little More Pregnant, A Little More Tired, but We Survived the Holidays

Taking a cold train trip around the park to view all the pretty lights.
Our Holiday's started right after the nap that came right after the second birthday party for Stinky. With three weeks of festivities at home, including a trip to the ER, stitches in my palm, baking one handed, wrapping and packing we begun a 2 week trip across California extremely tired. It has taken me over a month to settle back into life making sure all it unpacked, organized and ready to start the journey towards preparation of new baby.

Although it is a bit late I hope to spend some time blogging about our trip. It was Stinky's third Christmas, but her first Christmas of awareness. Awareness of Santa and the goodies he brings, awareness of the Christmas tree, the candy she could overly indulge in and of all the love and attention she received as we party hopped our way through California and even to some parts of Nevada. As Stinky would say, "Stand back" and enjoy our trip with us.