Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Little More Pregnant, A Little More Tired, but We Survived the Holidays

Taking a cold train trip around the park to view all the pretty lights.
Our Holiday's started right after the nap that came right after the second birthday party for Stinky. With three weeks of festivities at home, including a trip to the ER, stitches in my palm, baking one handed, wrapping and packing we begun a 2 week trip across California extremely tired. It has taken me over a month to settle back into life making sure all it unpacked, organized and ready to start the journey towards preparation of new baby.

Although it is a bit late I hope to spend some time blogging about our trip. It was Stinky's third Christmas, but her first Christmas of awareness. Awareness of Santa and the goodies he brings, awareness of the Christmas tree, the candy she could overly indulge in and of all the love and attention she received as we party hopped our way through California and even to some parts of Nevada. As Stinky would say, "Stand back" and enjoy our trip with us.

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