Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fifth Stop: Reno, Snow Snow Snow!

Our next and final stop was Reno. It is a tradition my DH's family is very excited about. Stinky loved the snow for the second year in a row. She loved sledding with daddy, throwing clumps of snow and this year she could move a little more than last year. I was too pregnant to join in the sledding fun and it was hard to watch on the side lines.

One of her favorite experiences was Circus Circus. She caught on really fast that she played a game and in return she was handed an animal. For the most part we let her play the games and sometimes she didn't win. Some of the games were a sure win. She really enjoyed fishing were she won a turtle every time she fished. She had so many turtles that I thought it would be good to trade them in for a bigger cuter whale. She was really frustrated at me for doing that. So we had to play two more times because she wanted a turtle and she wanted to take one home for her BFF Chu. She also really enjoyed pounding on a button, with Daddies help, and winning dogs. Some games she surprised us and won animals all on her own. Once she won my DH wanted to try and he walked away with nothing. Talent or luck not sure, but Stinky really enjoyed this part of the vacation.

The best part was spending time with her cousins. She is the youngest and she gets babied by some of them. There are six of them all under the age of 5 which is fun for them all. She really looks up to MM, she is 3 and loves Stinky.

It was sad to see our trip end, but exciting to sleep in my own bed. It took about the same amount of time to get back to normalcy as we had been gone, but looking back now it was great fun. Until Next Year ...........

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