Monday, February 8, 2010

Fourth Stop: Momo and Grandpa's

Christmas in my family is packed full of tradition. On Christmas eve we always eat dinner by candle light. Sometimes it's chili and others it's clam chowder and even others its corn chowder. A tradition I started was letting Stinky open one present and it is pajamas for her to wear. I plan on continuing this tradition with all my children. The pajamas will be matching until they can't stand it anymore. After she opened her present she sat on Grandpa's lap for two Christmas stories. The fist story is always The Night Before Christmas and the second is the real Christmas story. The reason we all celebrate Christmas; the birth of Christ. Her excitement was mounting as she new tomorrow was going to be an exciting day. After her bath she slipped into her new pajamas and off to bed she went, looking so forward to what was in store the next day.

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