Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Stop: San Clemente

The beginnings of the toycapade through California; who said said Christmas is only one day.

Stinky with her cousin and great grandpa.

Four Generations of Girls

Our first stop on our trek across California was San Clemente, where Stinky's Great Grandpa lives. Coming from weather that was barely hitting 50 degrees we stepped right into summer. Over looking in the ocean we were at about 75 degrees and sunny. It was a nice change, but our main reason for being here was our time spent with the family. This was a special year for us in San Clemente because Stinky's great aunt had just had brain surgery and in less then 3 days was out of the hospital. She was recovering at Great Grandpa's house so we were all so thankful to spend time with her.

Stinky begun the festivities with her first round of opening presents along with Daddy's first round of gaining those extra pounds.

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