Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christmas Day: Did Somone Say Presents?

Stinky stood in amazement at all the gifts that over loaded the tree and came out into the living room. Wow does my family do Christmas!
For Christmas Mommy and Daddy gave Stinky a baby doll and a sling to carry her in. As our due date approaches I wanted to equip her with her own gear that she will see me using with the new baby. She loved it and hasn't stopped carrying "baby" as we call her around.
We planned on transitioning her to a big girl bed after we got home from our vacation. Momo and Grandpa gave her a special sleeping bag to sleep in when we travel as an alternative to the pak n play.
And off to Christmas dinner we go. We have recently developed a Christmas tradition of going out to a fancy dinner. We realized as we got older that my mom spent most of her time in the kitchen on Christmas so we wanted to alleviate that, so she could enjoy the day as well. Stinky looked adorable in her Christmas dress and of course new baby came too. My DH and I however learned very quickly that things will have to change next year. It is difficult to keep a tired child who has experienced great excitement all day quite in a nice restaurant. As Christmas relocates to our house next year I think we will begin cooking dinner. Our enjoyment was tainted a bit due to the anxiety of making sure we did not disrupt everybody else in the restaurants dinner.

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Life with Vander said...

Thanks for sharing your story of the Holidays. Sounds like a great and exciting time. How fabulous to see so many family members.