Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding's: Stinky is an old pro!

Stinky has attended five weddings so far this year and has become quite a pro. When we tell her we are going to a "party" she jumps up and down and does the sign for dancing. She is really good with the late nights and the long hours of sitting. Most of the weddings we have attended have been Chinese banquets which consist of about three hours of eating. (My DH's favorite part) The tables are very close together and with waiters serving food non stop it makes it hard to get up and down. So we bring toys and she enjoys entertaining the people at our table with her cute gestures and little performances. With promises of cake and dancing at the end she is really patient and able to sit through the meal.

The preparation for these weddings has become just as fun for her. She loves to get her hair curled. She sits so well while I curl her hair and when I am done she touches her hair, poofs it up a little, and looks in the merror with approval.
We attended an Indian wedding so Stinky was able to wear her beautiful Indian dress a friend brought her back from India. She thought she looked so good that she kissed herself. My daughter is quite the little princess.
Her favorite part of this wedding was the little cup she was able to drink out of when she was eating cake. It is a cappuccino cup but perfect for her size. I think she drank more water than usual just because she could use this cup.

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I love your pictures!!!