Thursday, November 5, 2009


I wanted to introduce Stinky to different sensory experiences and to engage her in some measuring, hand eye coordination, and spacial awareness like activities. I put flour in a container and added some scooper's and some small containers to scoop in. At first she wasn't so sure about the texture. She would put her finger in the bucket, touch the flower and then look at it.
Eventually she decided she was ready to try out one of the scooper's. She started by scooping up the flower and then dumping it back into the container.
Eventually she found the small container and began filling it up.
She really enjoyed this activity and I will be adding different parts to it as it evolves. Eventually we will experiment with other materials such as corn starch and water, play dough and different types of bean.

This is a great activity for developing spatial awareness in building mounds and dumping the flour. It helps children understand volume and how much space certain amounts of volume take up. It also gives them an introduction to measurement, how much of a certain substance can fit into another substance, and different types of matter. And of course hand eye coordination through picking up the flour using certain tools and transferring it to containers.

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