Friday, November 6, 2009

Playdough Fun

Our next adventure into sensory exploration was play dough. Again Stinky was not fond of the feeling/texture at first. I had to pull some of the play dough apart, roll it into balls and prompt her into play. Once she had observed it in action she began to do some exploring on her own.
Her first interaction with the play dough was to poke holes in it. She was intrigued by the dents and how the dents stayed in the play dough after she made them.
Her next step was to pull chunks of the play dough off a large piece. This was pretty much the extent of her exploration in her first play dough experience. I will continue to offer more experiences leaving out other tools so she can focus specifically on the play dough. I will introduce other tools when she becomes bored with just the play dough.

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