Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tea for Me

When we were in Portland at a wedding Stinky really enjoyed the little cappuccino cup that they gave her to drink out of. While I was at a consignment event I saw this little tea set and thought it would be a great set for Stinky to practice her pouring and drinking.
She really enjoyed the pouring part and a little of the drinking. However I did find that I had to continually put more water into the tea pot and the pan filled up quickly with water.
I looked away for a moment and the little tea cup was dropped on the floor falling into a million little pieces. I had bought the set for a very good price knowing that at this age there is a high probability that it would not make it too long. I felt a little guilty because I am sure at one time this set was barely played with for fear from some parent that it would get broken. In less than an hour my little Stinky broke one of the cups. I had to remind myself that I had bought the set knowing full well that this was going to happen. There are still five more cups for Stinky to explore and there was a lesson learned. As she looked down and saw all the pieces she was disturbed that she could not play with the cup anymore. Her action in throwing the cup caused a direct reaction in that it broke and was no longer usable. Hopefully next time she will attempt to be more careful as she learns that not all materials are indestructible.

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