Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Serving for You and A Serving for Me.

Stinky is very particular in how she sets the table. If you move items she gets very frustrated. She prefers to use the napkins, placing items just so on top of each napkin and usually leaves the table cloth in the basket. I suspect this is done because we use place mats instead of table cloths at most meals.
Stinky's great aunt brought her a gift of a picnic basket with table settings for four on her last visit up. This has been one of Stinky's favorite activity. She has really enjoyed setting the table and serving guest. This activity has been her first attempts at pretend play and roll playing. It is amazing to watch Stinky play out what she sees her parents do. Often when I am carrying out my normal daily duties I am unaware that my little human is standing or sitting or even playing just close enough to me so she can observe my actions and input the information into her memory so that later she can practice all my moves.

What a great job it is being a parent and a little scary. (They are inputting everything with no filter which means it's time for us to start filtering.) Children want nothing else but to be with us and do whatever we are doing. Where else does one get to experience such unconditional love and admiration. Something to remember next time she is standing at my leg whining "up, up, up" while I am trying to cook dinner.

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