Saturday, November 7, 2009


I had been saving these animals for Stinky when she was a little older. As I observed her interest in animals grow I decided it was time to pull them out. The introduction of a toy is just as important as the toy itself. The way a toy is introduced sets the stage for how the toy will be played with, how the play will evolve and how well the toy will be taken care of. To bring the animals into Stinky's world I put them on her table lined up in a row and prompted her to sit down. She was amazed as the animals looked at her. They were right at eye level and larger than she was used to. She sat staring at them for an extended amount of time before she began to interact with them through touch. Initially she wanted to move them around keeping them lined up in front of her. Eventually she began mimicking the noises that each animal made.

Environment is key in children's development and how they interact with the world around them. If you set up a play area with aesthetics and simplicity in mind children are more likely to use the area and to have a desire to keep the area clean. This in turn leads to the perception that toys are important and it is important to take care of them giving toys a longer life in the home.