Friday, June 26, 2009

A Little Time With Papa

My DH came home from work early today and coincidentally Stinky blew through her afternoon nap. Did I get lucky or did I get lucky? Taking this great opprotunity to bring the two of them together and give me a little time to finish up some projects, I set them out to finish a Father's Day activity I had begun. I had intended for Stinky to help me finish this project as a surprise Father's Day gift but in the middle of the project I broke my thumb. Ouch! This resulted in a stop of all things that take the use of a thumb which is just about everything. So with quick thinking we gave Daddy a "to do" Father's Day gift. But any excuse to spend time with Stinky is worth far more to my DH than any materialistic item.

It caught me off gaurd a little when my DH started panicking when Stinky immediatley tried to eat the glue, taste the materials and explore them in everyway other than put them on the ceramic stepping stone frog. It made me realize that it isn't often that he sits down with her to work on a project that isn't open ended. With a little guiding the two of them were able to finish the project and enjoy some bonding time along the way.

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