Monday, June 22, 2009

Building a Lasting Relationship with Simon and Lucy

Stinky loves the dogs. She has signs we taught her using American Sign Language for both of the dogs. Every day the first thing she does when she wakes up is sign's the dogs names.

We rarely let her watch TV in fact have made a big effort to make sure she doesn't watch TV. Every once in awhile she will get 15 minutes of KQED cartoons. This was one of those times and she took full advantage of the cuddle time with Simon. She put her head on him with one arm around his neck petting him and relaxing. Before she was born we were so worried about how the dogs might react to this new being that took attention away from them. They have done so well and become very protective of their little person/sister. They love her and let her love on them even when the love shines through in many different colors. It is hard think of what her life would be like with out Simon and Lucy. She has such a love for animals and is so interested in the sounds they make, what they look like and their names. Perhaps this wouldn't have been the case if she didn't have dogs. She loves her doggies.

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cheng said...

that picture is soooo cute!