Thursday, June 4, 2009

Easel Painting

I have been waiting for the day Stinky could walk to buy an easel so she could begin easel painting. Now that she has a good grip on walking and standing I was able to set up her art studio. I was a little worried that she wouldn't understand the order in which she dips the brush into the paint pot, paints on the paper, and then dips the brush into the pot again repeating the process over. I have to say she impressed me. After I put the apron on her she grabbed for the brush and immediately began painting, when there wasn't much paint left she dipped again. Not bad for a 17 month old. I had to remind her a few times to keep the paint on the paper, but other than that she did very well in regards to the process.

She was so proud of herself. She had a slight smile and would continuously turn towards us to show off what she had accomplished. At one point she did get paint on her hand and she was very concerned. She wanted me to wipe it off immediately but after a few more paints on the hand she got over it. At the end of painting I wiped her hands off before she began a new activity.

We started off with one color and will continue with one color at a time for awhile. My desire is that she masters the process of painting and all that it entails before experimenting with multiple colors.

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