Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Water Play

I took Stinky's sensory tub and put it on a small tables to where she could reach it. This is the first time I have put water in and set it up off the ground. At first all she wanted to do was climb into it like she had down many times when it was on the floor. I wanted her to experience the water tub as a sensory table instead of a pool. I put a few bottles, boats and blocks in it. Once she realized that the purpose of this activity was not to play in it like a bath tub she began exploring the items in the tub.

I used a small pouring pitcher that was retrieve from a laundry box before being thrown out and I showed her how to use it. I scooped up water and then poured it on her hand. I then picked up a small strainer and poured the water through it. When new tools are introduced to children they need to be taught how to use them. Once they have a basic idea then it is time for them to explore and be creative. When adults are given new tools we want to learn how to use the. For example painting we take classes to learn techniques so we can paint, or mechanical classes so we can learn how to use tools when fixing a car. I want to treat Stinky with the same respect and teach her how to use the tools I introduce to her.

She was really interested in the strainer. At one point she put it on her head when it didn't fit she returned it to the water. She was also very interested in using the small pouring device. She wanted me to hold a small bottle as she attempted to pour water through the hole. Then she would grab the bottle and squirt out all the water. This was a great activity to teach hand-eye coordination. (Trying to get the water into the small hole) And to teach measurement/volume. (How much water did she pour through the hole equals the amount of water she could squeeze out.)

Surprisingly she wasn't into the blocks and the boats during this activity. I will have to reintroduce this another time.

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cheng said...

hand eye coordination will be fantastic for badminton later!!