Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stinky's Art Sudio

This art shelf has a fountain on it to create a calming and inspiring space. Items on the shelf are there to assist Stinky in her exploration of art through different mediums.

Stinky's new painting easel is located on the door to our storage right next to the shelf seen below.
I have been so excited to create a place where Stinky can freely do art. In each one of the containers are different items I have been collecting that can be used for art. They consist of bottle caps, wine corks, rubber bands, toilet paper rolls, rocks and other items. I hope to add and swap out items as she loses interest or gains an interest in something new. I would like to keep a good balance of recyclables, nature and fabricated products. I wanted the box's to be at her height so she can put them away and take them out as well as see what is inside of each box.

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EricB said...

That is such a cool organized art shelf. You are amazing!