Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Amazing How Much They Want to Be Like You At This Age

We recently received as a gift American Idol 2 singing game for our Wii. I have to admit with help from some friends (Little Chu's parents) we have been enjoying a little singing. Ok maybe a lot of sinning. I think we logged almost 40 hours in the first 10 days. Most of the time we put the girls to sleep and then break out the mic. So with that said I am not sure how Stinky had time to see us singing. But she must have because one day she pulled the mic down off the shelf and began going "lalalalala" into the mic and dancing.

It amazes me how much they pick up from our modeling behavior. It's time to start watching what we say and do because our little sponge is watching every word and action.

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