Monday, May 4, 2009

Water Play: A Take Off Of Interest in Scooping

Stinky received a pots and pans set from her Great Grammie this past weekend. She is beginning to put more thought into her play. It was only a matter of minutes when she realized that this pot could hold substance. It was at this time that she wondered if it would hold liquid. The only place she could get liquid would be the dog bowl. She made her way quickly and quietly to the dog bowl. I caught up with her only after she had filled the pot with water and was attempting to carry it out of the kitchen.
After a few more trips and failed attempts I decided it was time to provide an opportunity where she could explore volume, water, and pouring more. I filled a container with water, put the pot she had been using in the container and set an empty bowl next to it. Right away she began filling her pot with water and then pouring the contents into the empty bowl. She did this quite a few times. Each time she was able to fill her pot with more ease and transfer more water into in the empty bowl. Once she felt she had mastered this task she was off to discover other things.
A small lesson in math/measuring and she hasn't tried to fill it up in the dog bowl since.

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Nicole Feliciano said...

So sweet. Love the pictures. You just won a prize over at Momtrends. Check it out here: