Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Me and The Two Greatest World Wonders

I have been visiting my mom and dad for the past week. They both work full time. This has given Stinky and I sometime to play around and for me to share some of my childhood enjoyments with her. I grew up near the beach and most of my memories of summer include many many day trips to the beach. I decided to take Stinky to our favorite beach. We packed up the sand toys, a blanket and towels only to discover when we got there that is was fogged out. A little disappointed I decided that we would make the most of it. Luckily I had brought a beach cover up for Stinky with long sleeves. She didn't mind the cold on her legs, in fact I don't think she even noticed that Mommy was freezing. Of course I did not pack myself warm clothing. She played in the sand scooping up sand with the shovel and putting it in her bucket. Eventually she grew bored of this activity and wanted to go closer to the waves.

We walked down to the water and I put her feet in the water. She wasn't so sure about the water touching her as she quickly gestured for me to pick her up. I wrapped her in the towel I had been using to shelter my shoulders from the cold and then came one of those moments. She put her head on my shoulders, wrapped her arms tightly around me with a little squeeze and we just stood there staring at the wondrous, powerful yet gentle waves ease their way on to shore. Those few moments seemed like a pause in time I relished the enjoyment of two of the greatest gifts God has given me. The unconditional love of my beautiful daughter and the great strength and power of the ocean. In that moment was pure comfort and peace.

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