Monday, May 4, 2009

Mirror Image

As Stinky gets older I have noticed she has begun emulating our every move Lately she pulls the hair brush out of my hand and pretends to brush her own hair. In the shower she grabs the soap, pretends to pour it on her and then she rubs her belly and her hair. To encourage this pretend play I bought her her own brush and I grabbed an empty travel bottle and set them up next to a mirror. I did this while she was sleeping so when she woke up it was sitting there. Immediately she walked over to the activity and picked up the brush. She was so excited, she smiled and laughed. The past few days she continues to revisit this activity. Looking in the mirror, brushing her hair and soaping herself. The activity has evolved and now she wants to brush my hair and soap my belly. She thinks it is so funny when I lift my shirt up and let her pretend to put soap on and then rub. She laughs so hard and her cute little laugh makes me laugh.

Knowing that she is watching and doing what we are doing we have to start watching what we are doing. I hope she picks up our good habits and not our bad. Unlikely, but I am sure it is going to make for some funny stories in the near future.

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