Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Fun Evolves

As a child you spend a lot of time waiting and anticipating your next holiday. As your parents build traditions you learn to expect them, with excitement each year. Then something happens, you grow up. Through your teen years and college years the excitement fades a little. Every holiday nostalgic feelings come back, but that pit in the depths of your stomach the night before Christmas just isn't there anymore. What happened, why after so many years of such feelings do they fade? Then something happens, you get married and have children of your own. The traditions that you bestow on your excited children bring back all those feelings you once had as a child. Suddenly you can't wait for the next holiday once again. This time it is different this time it is the look on your child's face as they experience what once was for you through their young eyes. It is an amazing thing to watch your child enjoy so much the very thing that you enjoyed in what seems to be centuries ago.

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Mr Lim said...

Great entry.. Well said..