Thursday, October 16, 2008

Splash Splash

Stinky has recently been interested in the dog bowl of water. Numerous times a day she makes her way over to the dog bowl and attempts to splash in it. Somewhere along the way she is interrupted by a stern and redirected to a new activity. As a result of her interest in water I created a water activity so she can further explore this interest. I set up the tub of water with colored boats and sat her a few feet away. I wanted this exploration to be a choice she made futhering her ability to think on her own and gain more independance. At first she sat awhile watching the tub. With in a few minutes she made her wat toward the tub. Her first action was to touch the boat, then she gently tapped the water making slight sounds. She tested to see if she could pick up the water by cupping it in her fist. Taking a moment to thing she leand back before deciding on her next move. She decided her course of action would be to focus on the boats. This is her first time being introduced to the boats and she wanted to figure out what they were all about. She tasted the, picked more then one up at a time, banged them together and she measure their weight against each other. As she began to lose interest I introduced a new perspective and the splashing was fun all over again.

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