Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To The Fowl Mouthed

Yesterday I was in a restaurant with my daughter and husband. I noticed something that I had never really noticed before. The people sitting behind me were communicating in fowl language. F this and F that with a few other choice words thrown in. I had never really noticed this before perhaps because I had never had a child with young ears sitting with me. One day these young early 20 somethings will be sitting here feeling the same way as I. Offended and upset that their child is having to listen to this. I never spoke in this manner with my friends but husband said in his early days he did. But he entered a clause "I always looked around to make sure their weren't children around." It is partly the responsible of these people to be considerate, but partly the responsible of their parents to teach them to be aware of those around them and what considerate means. I hesitate to turn around and ask them to pick some different words, perhaps they don't know how to talk in any other way. But really all those around them would enjoy their meal so much more without their language. What do you think should I politely ask them to stop or attempt to distract my child and try to enjoy my lunch?


grant said...

earmuffs !

La Mom said...

Keep a bar of soap with you and next time you hear potty mouths place it on the table and tell them to wash out their mouths. That'll shut them up.

Bisous from a fellow San Jose born mom living in Paris!