Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Been Awhile and What's Up With the Dog Bowl

I was out of town and did not have time to blog, but I am back and stinky has found the dog bowl again. I have for the most part created an environment that is child friendly. It gives her room to explore and create with very little "no's" from mommy. However there are two no's no's I have chosen to keep. Partly to help teach her that there are things that she just can't have. Ofcourse that dog water bowl and the one tree with dirt in the pot are the most attractive items in my house. And how many times with a quickness has she sprinted toward the prize, just to get one splash in or one mouth full of dirt. With patience I continue to redirect her and tell her she can not play in the water or the dirt is yucky. (But does the dirt really taste yucky, maybe she knows something we don't) It is good to be a mom and practice patience. Maybe it will transfer when driving with incompitent drivers.


Mr Lim said...

You should just spank her!!! :P

cheng said...

yeah, lay down the law