Monday, August 16, 2010

Learning to Cut

After noticing Stinky's interest in some scissors I was using to wrap a present, I decided it was time to introduce her to her little scissors. I picked out an old Family Fun magazine for her to cut. Initially I just handed her the scissors to see how she would use them. With both hands she would open the scissors, attempt to put the paper in and then shut them. After a little frustration I showed her how to use them correctly. Learning to use scissors is a process of building hand muscles. Right now she can do small cuts on the paper. After a few cuts her hand gets tired and she begins to compensate by helping her cutting hand squeeze the scissors shut with her other hand. She is very interested in turning each page, talking with me about the pictures on the page and then cutting a few slits in the bottom and moving on to the next page. I put the scissors and magazine on a shelf down low in her art studio so she can go back to this activity when she wants. Soon her muscles will get stronger and she will be able to use the scissors over and over to make more then just small slits.

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