Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And So The Craziness Begin's

On March 8, days before I was scheduled for a C-section my little man decided it was time to meet the world. Pluggy (and I will explain the name in a moment) was born 7lbs 3 oz, 20.5 inches. After the first child I felt a little seasoned in the first 2 years of life but my little man wanted his own special experiences. He decided in order to achieve this he needed to play opposites with a personality completely opposite of his sister. With that said it has been a total of six months since I last posted. A quick pause to breath and I think I can begin posting again.

Pluggy came into the world completely regular till the day he turned 4 weeks old. Now he is not so regular thus the name Pluggy. He is full of fire with a scream that gets you to your feet and move'n. He wants to be sure his big sis does not out perform him. He is full of the most beautiful smiles and giggles enough to make all strangers comment on what a good and happy baby he is. Apparently he really must like being home because only practices his vocals at home.

We are so in love with our new addition and Stinky is the best big sister. She gets him to laugh like nobody else can.

And so my journey with 2 children begins.

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Mr Lim said...

yaaa.. welcome back to blogging