Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Building those Muscles

The importance of building muscles in little hands isn't just for cutting. It is the first step in learning to write. There are many activities that can be done to help strengthen those muscles. The is one of Stinky's favorites. I noticed she had been pulling these spray bottles out of the cupboard and playing with them. So I decided it was time to teach her other uses other then "cooking" with them. I put watercolors into the bottles. At first I had a paper down on the table but the water just started to puddle and the colors weren't really showing. I then put down a white towel and as the water absorbed you could see the vibrant colors. Stinky really enjoyed squeezing the spray bottles and watching the water squirt out. When her hand was too tired she used the other hand to assist her over worked hand. Both hands received a work out strengthen those muscles.

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Ashley Katz said...

Awesome idea...very creative. I learn every day from you Carrie!