Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Vacation with Grandpa and Anutie B.B.

So I am a little behind in my postings. Now that Stinky can walk we are walking and walking and walking. Which leaves me little time to sit down and catch up on my blog.

Every year my dad has taken my sister and I on a spring break vacation. It started when my mom was in school and had a different spring break then we had. So my dad would take us down to my Grammie's in Oceanside, California and we would spend the week playing at the pool, going to the beach and shopping for a new bathing suit and summer clothes. My Grammie has long ago moved. We have kept this tradition up even after we went to college got married and had children and now Stinky gets to join in the fun. Grandpa and Auntie B. B. loved the new addition to our tradition. Stinky loved the sand (this was the first time in previous trips to the beach she has hated the sand). But most of all I think she enjoyed all the attention she was given from her family. Every time she did something there was somebody right there to praise her, give her cuddles and feed her treats. Feed her treat? Yes, Stinky got her fill of candy and yummy snacks while on our trip.

Once home it was hard to adjust back into life. She missed all the love, hugs and playing time she had with her Grandpa and Aunt. It was a few days of straight whining before she got back into routine. There is always next year!

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