Friday, April 24, 2009

Every Opprotunity If Taken Is A Lesson Taught and An Experience Experienced

I had bought some material for sewing and when I got it home there was a ladybug on it. I thought this would be a great opportunity for Stinky to get a lesson in biology and experience other forms of life through her senses. I put the ladybug on her hand and it slowly crawled up her arm. At first she wasn't sure about it. She watched it intensely as it made it's way up and at the same time she felt it's little legs as they scurried on her skin. She was so intrigued and as soon as she felt more comfortable she wanted to hold it. I showed her how to hold it carefully and I told her to be gently. Holding only last a few seconds. As she became excited her grip began to tightened. I removed the ladybug and told her that we didn't want to squish it. She spent about 20 minutes examining this new creature. When she began to lose interest I told her it was time to let the ladybug go home and we let her go outside on the plant. It's moments like these that I really enjoy being a mom and giving Stinky the opportunities to experience new things.