Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Memory of My Husbands Dearly Beloved Discus

One of my husbands favorite hobbies is fish and the habitats they live in. We currently have 3 fish tanks in our house. A few years ago my husband happened upon discus. They tend to be really expensive and at the time we had a little money to play with so we invested in four of these fish. My husband has spent many hours cleaning their tank, arranging and rearranging their habitat, learning and researching what is best for these fish and staring at them. He has even taught my daughter how to say fish and often she will point at them and ask to look at them. We have grown a custom to having these beautiful creatures in our living room. On Monday our fish passed away. We believe that something went wrong in the changing of the tank the day before because when we woke up they were all floating. I am sorry honey that your fish died, I know you have enjoyed having them around.

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