Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Exciting Milestone

Yesterday I was playing with Stinky in her room. I would stack a block on top of another block and she would knock it down. Pretty soon she was stacking the blocks and then knocking it down herself. It was pretty cool to watch her hand-eye coordination as she attempted to put one block on top of the other. It took her quite a few tries before she got it. I had to encourage her through out the process because I could tell there were times when she wanted to quit. But then she decided she was done. She put her hands on the floor, spread her legs out and slowly stood up. It was so matter of fact. I clapped and enthusiastically said yeah. She plopped down and continued to repeat the process, this time she would clap and smile. She was so proud of herself. Luckily Daddy came home just in time to see her do it a few more times before she moved on to other tasks. We tried to get her to duplicate the act again later but she wasn't interested. How fun is it to watch your child grow.


Mr Lim said...

I saw it.. it was amazing

anncburt said...

Wow...I'm sad to be missing things...I don't now if I can wait all the way to the 14th. Go Bella

Miss Jocelyn said...

How precious!

Miss Jocelyn