Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year; It's the Year of the Ox

Happy New Year!! This was Stinky's first Chinese New Year that she was really aware of things. We dressed her in her Chinese outfit that her cousins gave her for Christmas. She was so excited to see her cousins, eat lots of Amah's yummy food, and receive her red envelopes. Boy did she sleep a long time after so much play. It is with that that we wish you a Happy New Year and a year of prosperity and luck.

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hello, Stinky's mom. Stinky's nickname is pretty adorable and she's absolutely beautiful. I thought I'd come by and say hello. I noticed that you live in/near San Jose. We were just there with M that the children's play area for the first time in Valley Fair this weekend. That place was packed and though I was dreading the germ factory, I let M roam with other kids anyway. Have you been there? It seems like a great place to roam with your child when it's rainy.

Again, looking forward to hearing more from you. :)