Friday, November 14, 2008

Introduction to Paint

This was sinky's first introduction to paint. I believe children are never to young to begin an artistic journey. I would have started earlier, but busyness and laziness sometimes set in. Right away she went for the paint. She grabbed it, squished it in her hands and looked at it. She then put her hands down on the paper and noticed how her hand stuck to the page for a few moments. She wasn't so sure about that so she went back to what she new. Exploration by mouth, of course I stopped her, but not without some swipes of beautiful red paint on the face. She spent some more time hitting the paper and watching the effect. Soon she realized that art can be made in more places then on paper and the sensory experience began. She rubbed it all over her legs. She was fascinated by how different her legs looked in red. After many moments of this she was ready to be done with art and into water we went for another experience.

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