Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Surprise 30th Birthday to the Most Wonderful Husband

Tomorrow is my husbands 30th Birthday and this last weekend I threw him a surprise birthday party with all of his friends. My husband is an amazing man. Always thinking about how he can be a better father and a better husband. He constantly checks in with me to make sure that he is being all that he can be and to make sure that our marriage is full of life and love. He is selfless and humble. (Probably pretty embarrassed that I am writing such wonderful things right now) He comes from a background of hardship, coming to the US at 9 years old after living as a refugee and before that in a country devastated by one of the worst dictatorships in history. But today he is a successful engineer, owning a house in one of the most expensive places in the nation, and able to support his family so his wife has the opportunity to stay home with his children. What amazing accomplishments he has made in his first 30 years. I look forward to being apart of the next 30 years and watching what else he can achieve. How lucky I am to have a married such an amazing man. To him I say I love You more than you know and Happy Birthday!


Mr Lim said...

You made me blush

cheng said...

...and so continues the saga of the receding hairline. HAHAHA

La Mom said...

So sweet! SOunds like your husband has a great wife too!