Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magic Through the Eyes of a Child

Where is the most magical place in the world?

It's Disneyland!

It's amazing how Disneyland changes when you experience it through the eyes of you child. Somewhere in life that magic that you once felt as a child disappears and while for some (not me) Disneyland is still a fun place it changes. When you bring your children back that magic as you once felt it comes back as you watch your own children experience it. All the little things that you have forgotten to notice, are noticed by your children. Suddenly the frequent stops to gaze with wonder into the little things that as adults we walk right by. To my daughter who found nothing more amazing then the Princesses and their castle. Although it was been a few months still since we visited Disneyland the magic is still alive in our house through the memories my daughter communicates daily.

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