Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christma Traditions

Our family holds strong to our Christmas traditions. Grandpa read The Night Before Christmas and a book about Jesus Birth. My two little ones loved listening to Grandpa read just as I did when I was a little one. Our Christmas books are read right before bed and right after they open a present that consist of special Christmas PJ's.
This was the beginning our Christmas's at home. Now the Stinky has gotten a little bigger we decided that it was important to have Christmas at home. The children get to sleep in their beds and anxiously await Santa's visit. Pluggy was so excited to receive another Taggie Blanket just like the one he always sleeps with. And so was Mommy considering I have been searching and searching for a second one without success. Taggie blankie number 1 was starting to get quite stinky.
The excitement was more than we could bear. For the first year Stinky was more excited about her gifts then we were. We loved watching her unwrap each one and proclaim "Ahhhh It's what I always wanted."

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