Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Large Motor Skills

The challenge for baby number 2 is getting time in those special areas that baby number 1 spent so much time with both parents attention directed toward her. Discovery Museum days are spent chasing a 3 year old around her area with poor Pluggy strapped on my body. The older children are not allowed in the special area designed for the development of a baby. When Daddy is home we make an effort to go special places that give both children an opportunity to learn and grow. For the first time Pluggy was able to spend some time in "his area" and he enjoyed exploring. Developmentally right now he is working on large motor skills and practicing going up and over small bumps (big mountains to him) this is both challenging yet rewarding. With much encouragement he over came his desire to quit and made it up the hills.
We as adults can take a minute to learn from the patience of young children. It takes a lot of determination and patience to learn a new skill and children are masters. Where does that go as we age?
Pluggy was also interested in face recognition. On this day he was studying his own face and body. There is a three way mirror (Yikes for us adults) but for children it is the best place to learn about their little bodies. He made faces at himself, studied what would happen when he lifted one arm, then the other arm, and then both arms. He wanted to see what happens when he turns his face away from the mirror, where did it go, why can't he see it anymore, but then when he turned back he was starring at himself again. Discoveries at the Museum. It was good for him to have his time.

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