Friday, September 3, 2010

"My kitty Coco"

While visiting family we were informed that one of our family members had a cat who had kittens in their back yard. We went to look at the kittens and Stinky fell in love with them. When she said, "Daddy take one home" I knew we were taking one home. I love cats and have been longing for another cat since our cat had died 5 years ago. I picked most of the kittens up and this little kitten was so sweet. It reminded me of a cat I had growing up. I hoped with a little persuasion that she would pick this kitty. And she did! When we asked her what she wanted to name her, she first said Pink, the second time we asked her she said Pink Flower and the third time we asked her she said Coco. We asked her quite a few more times and Coco was the name that stuck. Stinky has fallen so in love with her. She feeds her everyday. When we come home from being out the first thing she says is, "Coco Stinky is home". When she wakes up she says, "Good morning Coco". We have taught her how to carry Coco around and she loves to hold her, dance with her and give her kisses. She constantly says "I love my kitty Coco ". When people come over she is so excited to introduce her kitty. "This is my kitty, kitty Coco." I love seeing her love on her kitty and take care of her kitty. It brings back so many memories of my kitty Melissa when I was a young child. I think it is so important for children to have pets; to learn to take care of them and to have something to love and interact with. I look forward to allowing Coco to sleep with Stinky as soon as she gets a little bigger. I look forward to watching them grow up together and Coco being a comfort to Stinky when she has had a bad day. This is the beginning of wonderful friendship and experience that Stinky will take with her for the rest of her childhood. Memories that she will remember far into her adulthood.

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